• Ceramic Air Diffusers 1 1/2" Long, 3/16" Hose Shank
  • These air diffusers are excellent for maximizing air efficiency. With an air resistance of less than 0.25 psi, these glass bonded, silica diffusers are compatible with economical low pressure blowers. They produce a uniform medium/fine bubble, weigh themselves down, and are very resistant to clogging.
  • Our pore size has been engineered to both produce the smallest bubble size possible while providing a long service life. In some soft water applications they will not need cleaning for over a year. Dirt and carbon vane particles up to 30 microns will pass right through the diffuser so they do not need expensive air filters. With their round grain pore structure, low resistance, and uniform porosity, our diffusers are clearly the best air diffusers made for aquaculture, waste water, and lake aeration applications.
  • Low Maintenance and Long Working Life. Over a period of time, clogging will occur due to build-up of calcium precipitate or bacteria. "Like new" performance can be restored by immersing the diffusers in non-diluted muriatic acid. Many diffusers have been in use for over ten years.
  • Suggested CFM .25
  • 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"
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    Ceramic Air Diffusers 1 1/2" Long, 3/16" Hose Shank

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