"The highest quality transport tanks in the industry" We have been manufacturing custom transport tanks for almost 40 years! We would be happy to quote out a custom tank for you. Please give us a call with your specifications.

Each tank is constructed with a minimum of 1 /8" thick fiberglass reinforcement inside and outside (inside stress points, such as corners and bends, are reinforced to a minimum of 3 /8" thick), using an FDA preferred resin. The fiberglass is constructed of 1 1/2" polyurethane insulated foam. Plywood used for reinforcement and mounting hardware. Tank is under warranty for one year against defects in material and workmanship. Standard features for each tank or compartment are:
  • Three-way sloping floor toward exit for self draining.
  • Vents with directional scoops: vents have screened, 4" diameter openings. Scoop can be positioned to select desired air flow – from full to no flow.
  • Choice of size of main drain opening: 4" diameter to 12" diameter. All circular main drains are arched at inside bottom of tank. Arch is flat across bottom, which gives greater access for exiting fish. Arch transitions to the required opening diameter. Opening is flanged on outside of exit to enable mounting adapter and cap. Material is fiberglass, which is an integral part of tank construction.
  • Tempering drain: screened on inside, brass valve outside.
  • Slide gate assembly: positioned inside in front of main drain openings. Slide gate plate is 1 /4" aluminum, with permanently bonded, 1 /2" thick neoprene rubber. Slide gate is confined in fiberglass guide tracks which are an integral part of tank construction. Tee handle to activate slide gate is outside on top of tank.
  • Lid fabricated with same procedures as tank body and is gasketed with an extruded "P" shaped silicone gasket, which is permanently bonded to lid. Standard lid size is 36" x 24". Size of lid and/or more than one lid is optional. Lid is mounted with a 24" long x 3" wide, continuous stainless steel hinge with a stainless steel pin. Lid is held closed with toggle clamps. Handle is non-corrosive urethane with a steel core. Lid stop for open position is a rubber shock support mount.
  • Lifting and tie-down brackets.
  • Oxygen entry ports.
  • Main drain enclosure, such as camlock or ringlock type.
  • Aerators or agitators: 12 or 110 volts.
  • Oxygen diffusers, such as carbon graphite, ceramic, etc.
  • Site-displacement gauge: swift, heavy-duty brass. Upper and lower valves can be independently shut off. Lower valve is equipped with drain valve for tube. Site displacement assembly is housed within protective walls.
  • Thermometer: 3" dial face, 25° - 125°F range, 6" sensory stem. Thermometer is housed, or corralled within protective walls.
  • Oxygen regulator: heavy duty, single stage.
  • Oxygen flowmeter: vertical metering, 15 liter per minute scale.
  • Enclosed electrical wiring: wiring for aerators or agitator is embedded within wall construction with an outdoor receptacle mounted next to each electrical motor and a splash-proof box for connection to the power source.
  • Enclosed oxygen hose: hose is housed in PVC which is mounted on live haul tank.
  • Splash baffles: vertical or horizontal, for reducing water surge.
  • Toggle clamps: for holding aerators in position, galvanized or stainless steel.
  • Drain extensions: available in collapsible hose or suction PVC discharge hose.
    To insure temperature stability, we hired an independent testing laboratory to perform the following test: A 500 gallon live haul transport tank, fabricated by Eagar, Inc. was filled with 65°F water. All openings, including vents, were closed and plugged. Tank was placed into a monitoring chamber which was maintained at 104°F ambient temperature. The tank was held in the chamber for 10 hours at this constant ambient exposure, at which time the temperature reading of tank water increased less than 2°F. The test was repeated with the same results.

    Fiberglass and Foam Construction
  • Light weight hand laid fiberglass and foam
  • 3-way sloping floor
  • Color: White
  • Two directional air vents
  • Internal electrical wiring
  • One aerator port
  • Oxygen lines – No diffusers – No flowmeters
  • Slide gate
  • Up to 6" rear drain and cap (camlock)
  • Lifting/tiedown brackets
  • FOB NSL Utah
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    Fish Transport Tanks

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