• Plastic Bio Flex Rings, 3 1/2"

High rate trickling filter media!  For rapid aeration of domestic or industrial wastes containing biodegradable organics.  Designed to meet requirements of modern high-rate trickling filtration.  One of the most efficient configurations ever designed for mass transfer operations.  Provides greatly desired high specific surface area.  Media serves as substrate on which a slime of microorganisms grow.  Lightweight, rigid packing.  Easily installed – random dumped.  Minimum operating expense. Must call for freight quote.

  • Positive buoyancy rings are white (negative buoyancy available, black in color)
  • 10 cubic feet per box
  • Geometric Surface Area (ft2 /ft3 ) 26
  • Packing Factor (1/ft) 16
  • Void Space (%) 93
  • Bulk Density (lbm/ft3 ) 3.75
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    Plastic Bio Flex Rings, 3 1/2"

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